Reports on Achievement

School Rules and Policies

School Expectations

1.     Be on time and prepared for work.

2.     Respect all people in the building as well as the building and surrounding property.

3.     Contribute to a safe, clean, friendly, and welcoming environment.

4.     Dress appropriately for school.

5.     Attend school daily.

Attendance Policy


One of the essential elements for success in school is attendance. By implementing measures that will assist or encourage students to attend regularly, we will be enhancing their opportunity for success. Daily activities that occur in the classroom are a vital component of the learning process.

Anglophone East School District Attendance Policy

i)      Homeroom teacher monitors daily attendance and tardiness. 

ii)     Homeroom teacher shall contact home after a student has missed 5 periods in one subject. The teacher must actually make contact with a parent/guardian.

iii)    Homeroom teacher shall meet with student after he/she has missed 7 periods in one subject. A parent or guardian will be invited to this meeting.

iv)    Homeroom teachers and student shall devise a plan of action that will be followed by the student. A copy of the plan will be signed by the teacher, the student, and the parent.

v)     Student and parent/guardian will appear before the school’s attendance committee once a child has missed 10 periods in one subject. At this time the plan of action may be revised.

vi)    Student will be referred to the School’s Administration if attendance does not improve. The Administration will notify the Director of Education with recommendations.

vii)   The Director of Education or designate will meet with the student and parent(s) and make final decisions regarding the academic plan.

viii)  Teacher shall follow a similar process when tardiness becomes an issue such that student learning is impacted.


All absenteeism must be accompanied by written excuse given to the appropriate teachers within seven days. Any unexcused absenteeism will be considered truancy.


Post-grads and independents (students, who are working, are on social assistance, which are parents or are living on their own) are exempt from the excuse rule and will be referred to the appropriate Vice-Principal after the 1st absence. The classroom teacher, with the intervention of the Vice-Principal, will monitor their attendance, performance and behaviour. All of the other rules above apply.

Student Parking

Grade 12 students are permitted to park their vehicles in the student parking lot only. Vehicles that are parked in the staff parking lot may be towed at the owner’s expense. Students bringing vehicles to the school must register their vehicle with the school to receive a parking permit. A deposit of $5.00 will be required to obtain the pass.


As is the case in all schools, we at Harrison Trimble High School have general rules and regulations to promote an orderly atmosphere, a climate that promotes learning and growth. Each student must recognize that the school’s authority extends beyond the building to the school grounds, to the buses and the bus stops, and to school-sponsored events.

Some of the more common rules are as follows:

A.     Students are to follow the instruction of any teacher in the classroom, cafeteria, corridors, bus stops, etc.

B.     Students are to be punctual and attend all classes, except when excused for a legitimate reason, e.g., illness, death in the family.

C.     Excuses for absences are to be given to the homeroom teacher immediately upon returning to school.

D.      If a student becomes ill and he/she deems it necessary to leave the school, the student must inform the subject teacher and sign out at the main office. The student may not be permitted to leave the building unless the home is contacted.

E.       Smoking, profanity and fighting are forbidden.

F.      Students wishing to place announcements, posters, etc., anywhere in the school must have the approval of the administration.

  Every effort will be made to enforce these rules in a fair and consistent manner taking into account the circumstances of each  case. Th e normal penalties imposed are noon or after-school detention or suspension. Normally, we will place a student on suspension only after he or she has demonstrated an unwillingness to change certain behaviour; however, the following are infractions that the school considers serious and may result in immediate suspensions to a maximum of five days:

A.   Violence:

               1. Fighting

               2. Bullying or harassing another


B.   Vandalism

C.   Insubordination – willful disobedience

D.    Gang-related activity

E.     Possession of a weapon

F.     Possession or consumption of drugs,

      alcohol or other prohibited substances at

      school or school related activities.

G.  Cheating

  Students suspended from the school are not permitted to participate on athletic teams or other school-sponsored organizations, during the dates of the  suspension. Final ly, the staff has the authority and responsibility to take reasonable disciplinary action in situations not specifically listed above. We count on the co-operation of the students of Harrison Trimble High School and together, we will make the school a safe and pleasant place in which to work.

Post-Graduate Students

Post-graduate students may be placed in courses where seats are available. They will be dismissed from school for excessive absenteeism or behavioural problems.


It is expected that all students dress with appropriate taste in order that the educational process is not disrupted. Dressing for school means that you wear clothes in the manner they are intended to be worn. For the purpose of safety and continuity of the instructional program, we ask your cooperation in making District 2 schools a positive learning environment. We ask that you keep the district dress code policy in mind when purchasing school clothes. We ask that you keep district 2 dress code standards in mind when purchasing school clothes.

While at school or at any school-sponsored event, students shall be dressed and groomed in a manner that will neither adversely affect the instructional program nor violate reasonable and acceptable standards of cleanliness, safety, or appropriateness as judged by the principal and administration of Harrison Trimble High School.

The following items are prohibited:

A. Clothing or articles of clothing related to a group or gang which, in the judgment of the principal/designee, may provoke others to violence, disrupt school operations, or intimidate students and staff members, including, but not limited to:

• Bandanas, hair nets, initialed belt buckles, chains (wallet, watch, key)

• Long belts hanging down in front

• Pants which were slit or frayed at the cuff line

• Pants worn below the waist (sagging)

• Pants which do not fit without a belt

• Pants which have been altered to fit around the waist

• Pants cut-off below the knee

• Pajamas

• Shorts below the knee that have been cut off and not hemmed

• Shorts worn below the knee with socks up to the pant line

• White ribbed tank top undershirts worn as outer garment

• Sunglasses worn in the classroom

B. Clothing with inappropriate messages (e.g. alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sexually related, obscene symbols/pictures).

C. Undergarments without appropriate outer clothing or outer clothing which exposes underclothing.

D. Swimming attire

E. Spiked collars, spiked wristbands, or other clothing, jewelry, or accessories that could pose a threat to student physical well-being and safety. This includes Goth make-up and accessories.

F. Clothing that is excessively revealing for a school environment:

• Shirts exposing shoulders and/or backs and/or midriffs (spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops)

• Ultra short skirts, dresses, shorts

• Low-cut tops and blouses

• “muscle shirts”

The aim of this policy is to foster a responsible and respectful attitude toward appropriate dress. The administration of Harrison Trimble High School reserves the right to modify and interpret this policy as deemed necessary to determine disruptive and unsafe attire.


Harrison Trimble High School allows the use of cell phones in the building. The expectation is that the phone is used accordingly through the use of proper cell phone etiquette. We encourage their use for academic purposes but we also reserve the right for teachers to take cell phones from students who are using them inappropriately. Cell phones that are confiscated from students are turned into the office where they can be picked up by a parent. Harrison Trimble will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen cell phones.